The Best Mobile Casino Apps for Online Gambling – Gaming on iOS & Android

The world is fast moving into a mobile era, where more premium mobile platforms are replacing the traditional forms of online gambling apps. Gambling on the move has its appeal among the masses, as gamblers now have the option of wagering on their favourite tables without visiting an actual casino. You don’t even need a desktop device to find a reliable online casino since most operators have a dedicated mobile interface that is designed exclusively for mobile players. A Modern-Day mobile casino software is capable of replicating the most advanced graphics and visual representation of a majority of casino games, which were earlier available only through a desktop device.

Although there is a wide variety of platform choices out there in the market, we believe that there are only a handful of mobile casino apps can offer a complete gambling experience on your smartphone or tablet. Reliability and security is another important factor to consider, as it is imperative to choose a licensed and regulated gaming platform from a safety perspective. We always subject online casinos through an extensive review process, where we delve deep into the performance attributes of each platform through our detailed mobile casino app reviews. For more information, read through our mobile casino app guide to find the best mobile casinos online.

Instant-Play Casino Games on Mobile

The most familiar and widely accepted mobile casino app is the web-browser app, which runs directly on any compatible web browser such as Chrome, Edge, Safari, Opera, or Firefox, without the need for any download or installations. The web-based instant-play version is designed to serve as a default gambling interface for both desktop and mobile users, and you can access it by pointing your browser to the default URL of the casino’s official website. Most sites have automatic protocols that are enabled to analyse the device and browser that is accessing the platform, in order to ensure that the website app will display the gambling interface that is best suited to your device.


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The responsive theme adopted by most modern web browser apps allow users to enjoy different layouts on devices with different screen sizes. For example, desktop and tablet users will be able to view a larger layout that incorporates the maximum number of features that can be accommodated on a large screen. On the contrary, smartphone users will get access to a minimised version of the interface that has features embedded into minimised navigation links, icons, and other similar tools.

Most players may find the instant-play web app to be highly preferable than any other dedicated apps, but the choice is usually subjective. You can easily bookmark the URL of a casino’s official page on your favourite browser, and log in as you please. However, the website version may not always be reliable, and in some cases, may also be inferior to a dedicated installable app that is usually available for iOS and Android operating systems.

Downloadable Mobile Apps for Smartphones & Tablets

App stores are literally crammed with apps that offer different innovative apps for both virtual and real-money gambling. The list of mobile compatible software only keeps getting longer with each passing day. Online gambling establishments are quick to cash in on the popularity of mobile gambling by launching their own proprietary apps for all the main operating systems that are available in the market. We only consider the three main providers in the Mobile OS market, even though there are countless insignificant companies with a minuscule market share.

Play in an online casino on your mobile device.

Casino App for iOS Devices

iOS is perhaps the most popular mobile operating system among gambling operators, as almost all of our recommended online casinos have a dedicated iOS mobile casino app for iPhone, iPad, Mac, and iPod. These independent apps are readily available for download on the App Store, albeit with a few restrictions in some countries, where gambling in any form is completely illegal. Regardless, players in India can certainly download and install the casino apps on their iOS device, even though gambling is largely an illegal activity across.

Casino App for Android Smartphones & Tablets

Android users may find it inherently trickier to find a casino app on the Google Play Store, as Google’s policies only enable gambling companies to host their apps in specific countries such as the UK, where gambling is a legal activity. Therefore, gamblers from India will either have to download the app directly from the operator’s website (if such an option is available) or use the instant-play website version of the app via your mobile browser. Although it is hard to find an Android-spec app for your online gambling needs, we strive hard to recommend casinos that do provide a dedicated Android app in their online platform portfolio or at least recommend one that offers the best gaming experience through their web browser-based app.

Which Device Offers the Best Gambling Experience – Smartphones or Tablets?

From a personal perspective, we feel that large-screen devices are the best options for gambling at an online casino. Larger screens are visually more appealing and can include more features for immersive gameplay. Nonetheless, it is not always possible to take a large-screen device on the move, especially if you lead an active lifestyle. Therefore, small-screen devices such as smartphones make it easier to access casino apps on the go. Consequently, it really depends on your personal preferences, and we do believe that tablets or large-screen smartphones can provide an excellent gaming experience at most of our recommended web-based gambling houses.

Live Streaming Casino Games Through the Mobile Platform

Due to the popularity of live tables and casino games among online gamers, most casino mobile apps do provide the feature of live streaming through their installable or website-based interfaces. Live casino tables usually include all the popular games such as Roulette, Blackjack, Craps, Baccarat, Poker and other similar games, where an actual dealer is responsible for managing the tables and accepting your bets. The live setting may offer a more vibrant environment for mobile gamblers, but you must ensure that you have a reliable internet connection to be able to place your bets on the move.

First Steps – Downloading, Installing, & Setting up the App

To find the best mobile casinos, read reviews of our top recommended operators, or browse through our preferred operators that are mentioned in this guide. Here is a step-by-step guide for installing the best casino apps on your smartphone or tablet (irrespective of the operating system):

  1. Download the app from the source – You can either download and install the app from their respective app stores (Google Play Store for Android and Apple App Store for iOS) or download the standalone installer (.apk files for Android and .ipa files for iOS) that are provided by the company.
  2. Verify the Source & the Publisher – While downloading files from third-party sources, you must verify the authenticity of the files to ensure that your downloads are secure and free from any viruses/malware.
  3. Using the Guide – Most casinos offer a detailed setup guide to aid you in your installation process and can be quite handy if you are choosing the manual setup option. We always prefer downloading and installing the app directly from the app store or the official website, as it is a more secure and reliable option for players.

Opening a Casino Account Through the App

Open an account with an online casino app.

Once you have installed the app on your device, you can proceed to open an account for accessing the games and wagering real money on the tables. It is easy to create a free account through your mobile app or the browser-based app, as the option will appear as soon as you launch the app for the first time. You can subscribe for an account using an email address and a phone number, although some companies only require you to have a valid email address to sign up for an account. You may also have to enter your personal information, such as your date of birth, address, and other necessary details that can help the casino to verify your identity.

Deposit & Withdraw Money Using the Mobile Casino App

Log in to your brand-new account through your mobile app to make a deposit and bet real money on the tables. You can use the Accounts options, sometimes referred to as Banker or Payments, which is prominently featured in a part of the interface or embedded into the navigation menu. You can make a payment through your mobile device either by using a conventional payment method such as a bank wire or a credit/debit card payment or use an online e-wallet to transfer funds from your e-wallet account to your casino account. Mobile-supported e-wallets such as Skrill and Neteller are among the most preferred for online gambling transactions, owing to their massive coverage of the operators and the security of transactions.

You can also make an instant withdrawal of your money through your mobile casino app, but make sure that your account is verified, or your withdrawal request may be denied. You may also have to check your average turnover wagering volumes in case you have availed a bonus since most bonuses are bound by the minimum wagering requirements. Regardless, if your account is in order, your withdrawal will be processed within 24 to 48 hours, while our recommended top picks of online casinos have even lower withdrawal times.

The Best Casino Apps Bonuses for Mobile Users

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There are some added incentives to choosing a mobile app over a desktop platform, especially in the form of bonuses or offers on deposits. A few of the top online gambling establishments have lucrative bonus programs that are reserved exclusively for mobile users, which include a deposit bonus, free spins, free betting credits, and loyalty points.

Visit the relevant bonus sections in our reviews to get more information on the bonuses and promos that are offered by a particular company.

Things to Watch Out for While Playing on your Mobile

While mobile apps contribute to an exciting gambling experience on the move, you should be aware of some important attributes of mobile gambling before choosing an app. Here are some important factors to consider:

Compatibility: Most modern mobile apps are compatible only with the latest versions of the operating systems, typically the last three iterations of the iOS, Android, and Windows mobile OS. Older devices will be required to be upgraded, but we can’t attest to the performance and reliability of the apps on such devices. Changes in processing power and storage can have a huge impact on the ultimate gaming environment and the reliability of the app.

Data Usage: Even though the latest web browser interfaces and the iOS/Android apps are low on data usage, downloading multiple games, playing different hands, and even using a live streaming table option can eat up into your data allowance. Unless you have access to unlimited data, you have to be aware of the data charges while gaming on your mobile device.

Network Coverage: Mobile internet connection and internet hotspots can be spotty and unreliable at times, which can ruin an otherwise great gaming experience. A loss in internet connectivity can lead to a temporary/permanent interruption of your gaming session, which can lead to losses or a forfeit of your wager. Read through the policies and gaming conditions of your casino in case of such in-game interruptions, as each operator has a different set of rules for such instances.

Battery Consumption: Online gambling can have a massive impact on your battery consumption, as mobile casino apps are known to use up your device’s resources to a large extent. You can minimise your battery consumption by turning down some of your phone’s features, avoiding multitasking, and turning down the resolution/quality of your app. Some casinos do provide an option to reduce the dependency on processing power, but it can have a negative impact on the performance of the app. Read even more tips on how you can extend your battery lifespan

Security While Connected through Public Networks: If you are connecting your device to a public network, we recommend you verify that it is safe from any prying eyes. It is easy for hackers to obtain your personal information, login details, and other account-related data from an open network, which can cause security issues foryour casino account. Protect your personal and financial information by avoiding logging into your casino app from a public and unprotected network. Read further information on how you can protect yourself online by reading this report.