The Best Online Casino Games Offered by Top Casino Operators

The Best Online Casino Games Offered by Top Casino Operators
Online games are at the core of the multi-billion dollars gambling industry, where casinos offer the chance to make some incredible amounts of money and have a great time. Online casinos are a significant departure from traditional casinos, where it is now possible to access a plethora of games through a mobile platform. Better yet, web-based casino operators are also seen to be developing new and innovative games to complement their existing portfolio, which certainly gives an advantage for players while choosing an online gambling house.

Advantages of Online Gambling Games

One of the key advantages of online casinos is the sheer variety of games on offer. Traditional casino games such as roulette, blackjack, and poker have transitioned to online casinos with minor or even nil revisions. However, companies may introduce slight modifications to the existing games to create a standout product, which can have the potential to appeal to the masses.
Of course, it is also not uncommon for companies to develop an entirely new game, but the popularity of such games ultimately depends on player preferences. Here are some other advantages of choosing an online casino game over your traditional local casino:
– Instant access to games through a remote platform.
– Can be accessed through a desktop or a mobile device.
– Ensures 24/7 access without any restrictions.
– The initial buy-in (deposit) and table limits are significantly lower for online casinos.
– Switch between games with ease.
– Get access to the latest products and innovative gaming products as soon as they are launched.
– The option to choose some of the most reputed and secure global casinos for online gambling.

Top Casino Choices for the Best Casino Games

The world of online gambling can be a thrilling and joyous adventure, but only if you are successful in choosing a highly reliable and trusted gambling operator. We scrutinise each casino in order to evaluate their different products and services and to understand if they’re indeed committed to delivering the best online gaming experience. Our casino reviews contain a brief explanation of the casino games, their odds, payouts, and other gambling factors so that you can always choose the best casino that suits your preferences. Here are some of the top recommended casinos at
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Aside from the quality of games, we will also thoroughly examine other attributes of our recommended online gambling establishments, such as their reliability, platform options, licenses, bonuses, and other key factors. Head over to our reviews or our recommendations guide to find the best companies in the market.

Types of Online Casino Games

Traditional gambling houses have adopted a tried-and-tested collection of casino games, which have indeed captured the imagination of gamblers for many decades. Online casinos have also adopted the same policy in order to serve as a virtual option for those looking to gamble online and bet on the same products as offered by a land-based casino.
Online casino software developers may try to add a subtle twist to the proceedings by introducing side bets, new designs, themes, and features, but the basic principle behind all the products remains the same. In our opinion, a company must offer all the standard gaming options, along with several new products that are more attuned to the gamers’ needs. The following are the most popular casino game choices in the industry.


Blackjack is usually an individual game but can be played with other players in a table that seats anywhere from three to seven players. However, in an online casino, blackjack is usually played against the AI, where you are pitted against the dealer in a virtual setting. Blackjack does not have a lot of room for any modifications in the overall features of the game such as the odds or payouts, which means that most companies adopt a similar layout for their online blackjack tables as well. Nevertheless, the theme/design of the blackjack interface, the table limits, the payouts, and the overall performance of the game can have a significant impact on your gaming experience.


An online roulette table is highly similar to its brick and mortar counterpart, where there are plenty of opportunities to wager on numbers, columns, groups, odd/even, or red/black. Once again, a virtual setting is only suitable for a single player, but the betting options, the table limits, and the payouts are quite similar to a regular roulette game. Nowadays, the graphics options are also quite advanced, which provides a remarkable 3D rendering of the roulette wheel and its table for a real-life gaming experience.


The rules of baccarat are similar for land-based and online casinos; the only difference being that a land-based casino can seat anywhere from three to seven players, while online baccarat is only available as a single-player version. Although not as popular as other online gambling games, baccarat is still a great option, especially with the better chances of winning against the house.

Slots & Jackpots

Slots are certainly up there amongst the most popular and widely played online casino games. As per our estimates derived from extensive research of the best casino games, slots contribute to a significant part of the income for online casinos, all the while allowing players to earn huge prize money for a relatively small investment.
Online slots come in a wide variety of themes and designs, and can often vary from three, five, or seven-reel jackpots. Companies are also known to develop different slot games under exotic themes, ground-breaking designs, and other innovative features, in order to provide a unique gaming experience for their clients. It is also not uncommon for companies to design online slots that incorporate popular themes from movies, cartoons, books, regional, and other culture-related avenues in a bid to cash in on the popularity of the latest trends in the market.


Poker is the most recognisable gambling game in the world, owing to various references in high-profile movies over the past few decades. Poker is a game that involves strategy, skill, expertise, and the ability to control your emotions, especially when the stakes are high. Poker is a multi-player card game, and online casinos have developed tables where it is possible to play against other human players, or against the AI. Under a live table scenario, the casino has no interest in the outcome of a match, as they are compensated by the commission that they charge as a percentage of the entire pot. On the other hand, there are different variations of online poker for individual players, where they are pitted against the AI, but the house edge is significantly higher.


Craps enjoys a special place among gamblers in a conventional casino, as unlike any other gambling game, it has the ability to bring complete strangers together to enjoy the game as a group. Craps involve testing your luck against the throw of dice, where players can place multiple wagers, and the outcome of the dice throw determines the winners.
We believe that the craps game is the least compatible game for an online casino, as it is best played in an actual casino setting with a collection of like-minded players. Craps belongs to a class of real casino online games, where players usually prefer to play the game at a land-based casino and get physically involved in the proceedings. Players get a chance to roll the dice, encourage the shooter, soak in the environment, and become generally excited about all the different events happening in and around the table.
Regardless, most of our recommended operators provide access to online craps through their web-based platforms, but the roll of dice and its outcome is generated through a random number generator. There is undoubtedly a lack of human involvement in software-based craps, which may be a deterrent for some gamblers.

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Other Casino Games

Apart from the mainstream gaming categories, a few web-based casinos also provide various non-conventional games through their online platforms. While some of these games are not entirely relevant for a majority of online players, we certainly make it a point to find out whether they are indeed offered by our recommended casino providers.

Sic Bo and Hi-Lo are often the same games, which are interpreted in different ways by most casinos. Regardless, Sic Bo has a Chinese origin and consists of a table and two dice, where players can place a bet on the different areas of the Sic Bo table. The roll of the dice determines the winner. Sic Bo and Craps may sound similar, but Sic Bo only follows a single throw of the dice to determine the outcome, while craps may use multiple throws of the dice.

Keno is a casino game that has a few characteristics that are similar to a lottery. Players are given the option to choose a few numbers in any order and place a wager on them. The winner is determined through a random number generator, where each matching number yields a fixed payout. The winning amounts are usually predetermined for a particular set of unique combinations.

Bingo is one of the most easily recognised games on the planet and is available in different versions. Although traditionally an offline game, Bingo is finding huge prominence in an online setting, which is evident in the rising number of online bingo players. Bingo deals in a game of chance or probability, where players mark a number on their card each time a caller draws a number. The winner is usually the first to get a particular arrangement or the first to get all the numbers ticked on their card. Bingo is a multi-player game, and online casinos have developed unique software to allow its customers to play against other players, as well as against the gaming engine.

Virtual scratch cards are quite similar to traditional scratch cards, but a special web script is used to mimic the actual process of scratching off the cover of a card to reveal the concealed prize. Web-based scratch cards utilise a random number generator to determine the prize of a particular card, to ensure fairness in the results.

Lottery belongs to a different category of online gambling and may not be offered by a majority of casinos. The availability of Keno also makes a lottery game irrelevant for most users, but some companies do provide the option of purchasing lottery tickets, where the prize money can run into millions of dollars.

Gambling with Online Live Casino Games

If you prefer gambling with a live dealer through a live casino setting, casinos also offer the option of live games, where you can bet on games such as Roulette, Blackjack, Slots, Baccarat, and Poker via the live casino option. A live casino utilises web streaming technologies for broadcasting their tables to their customers through an existing casino platform, which allows players from any part of the world to gamble on their favourite games through a desktop or a mobile casino app. Due to the constraints of live streaming, operators may only be able to provide some particular games in their live gaming section, but the best casinos often provide different variations of their existing games with different table limits. In most cases, companies host a live casino for 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

India-Specific Casino Games

The Indian gambling market is quite new to the world of online betting, even though the country has a rich history and tradition in different local gambling concepts. However, gambling in India is largely illegal, as the country has only legalised the activity in a few states and union territories. Therefore, online casinos operate as unlicensed entities, where they take advantage of the existing loopholes in the rulebook to offer their services to Indian players. As a result, one may be hard-pressed to find any Indian-specific casino games and may have to rely on the existing gaming categories to satisfy their gambling needs.

Bonus on Games

Casinos offer different types of bonuses and promotions to improve their reputation and popularity among gamblers. Players are certainly in an advantageous position, as companies often compete with each other to offer the best offers for their clients. A casino bonus provides anywhere from 10% to 300% deposit match bonus, with some games even offering up to 1000% bonus on the initial deposit. We have seen that slots and other similar games have the maximum bonuses on offer, with some casinos even offering free spins and betting credits to rope in new customers.
However, casinos have the discretion of reserving a particular bonus for specific games and may also introduce different minimum wagering requirements for each game. Every company creates a bonus or free credit program according to their promotional policies and can either continue their offers or cease them altogether. Our casino reviews contain an elaborate section on bonuses and game promos, where we will outline all nascent features of that particular company’s bonus programs and game-related wagering conditions.

Casino Platforms

The casino platform is the most important component of online gambling, as modern-day web casinos have become inherently superior to land-based casinos. Nowadays, players expect their casino operators to provide a safe, secure, reliable, and top-performing platform, along with the best graphics and gaming options. The latest web browsers, the added plugins, and an increase in the processing power of modern devices have enabled developers to create some of the best interfaces for gambling on multiple devices, including desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets.
All leading casino operators have an exclusive web-based betting interface that is accessible through a compatible web browser. The instant-play web platform serves as the default casino platform for both desktop and mobile gambling and has all the different games that are offered under a casino’s product portfolio. However, due to the popularity of smartphones and tablets, developers are also pretty keen on developing dedicated casino apps for iOS and Android systems, which are usually available for free download from the official app store or through the official website.
We are indeed aware that some casinos may only provide their default web browser platform for online gambling on both desktop and mobile; hence we will cover the entire aspects of the platforms and game options in our detailed online casino reviews. However, some operators may also provide a download option for their desktop users, which may have more game features, added graphics options, and of course, higher reliability when compared to its equivalent instant-play version.

Do Games Differ Depending on the Software?

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Although we come across different unique designs and versions of casino software in the market, most mainstream operators adopt a popular gaming engine that is usually developed by an independent service provider. In most instances, the platform that you see is simply a modified version of an existing casino interface, which has been redesigned to suit the overall theme and design of a particular operator. Instant-Play versions are usually powered by third-party software, but downloadable platforms are mostly developed in-house.
The gaming engine, or the AI, is responsible for all the core gaming aspects such as initiating a game, setting the table limits/odds/payouts, generating a random output, and determining the winner/loser. Leading online gambling houses have adopted casino software from mainstream software service providers such as Microgaming, Playtech, RealTime Gaming, Evolution Gaming, and more, where the quality of games, designs, and other factors may be slightly different.
All software companies use the existing games as a base to develop their online versions, which means that there aren’t any significant differences between the games offered by different developers. Companies also work with multiple providers to offer a comprehensive choice of games or choose to develop their own games through in-house developers. Therefore, it ultimately comes down to the player’s choice, where the house rules, payout frequency, and the overall quality of the game design plays an essential role in determining the success of an online casino.

The Fairness of Games

All casino games offered by a licensed and regulated provider are run through a Random Number Generator, which ensures that every outcome is unique and is devoid of any manipulation by the company. Regulated companies are often audited by third-party agencies such as the eCommerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance (eCOGRA), to ensure absolute fairness of the results and to find out whether every game has a unique outcome that is determined by chance. A seal of approval from sites such as eCOGRA or any other agencies is indeed a sure-fire way of ascertaining the authenticity of a company.

Top Picks of Casinos for the Best Casino Games

Selecting an online casino can be a daunting affair, as there are thousands of operators that offer countless gaming options. Sometimes, a player can feel overwhelmed by the sheer selection of games, where it is also possible for gamblers to lose track of time and spend more money than they intended to do so. However, we make it easy for our readers to choose a trusted provider, which not only offers the best selection of games but also follows responsible gaming policies to ensure the welfare of its customers. Head over to our casino reviews online for more information about the leading companies in the industry, and the wide choice of games that are on offer.