Before You Play Slots at Online Casinos – Read Our Expert Recommendations

Before You Play Slots at Online Casinos – Read Our Expert Recommendations
Slots are perhaps the most popular casino games in the entire gambling industry. In the US alone, it is estimated that around 70% of the income in the Casino market is derived from slot machines. Elsewhere, slots are sometimes considered as the bread and butter of several independent establishments, as companies are found to be installing different variations of slot machines in their brick and mortar businesses, to boost their entertainment quotient.
The popularity of the game has also swept over the virtual casino industry, where almost every active company offers an online version of a land-based slot game through their web-based platform. Interestingly, online casinos are able to tweak the design and theme of their slot machines to offer unique gaming products, which can often end up as a massive selling point among gamblers. The availability of powerful mobile devices and increased graphics options has also helped in contributing to the increasing popularity of slots among online gamers.
Several web-based casinos have excellent options when it comes to slots, but we recommend you to consider only trusted and reliable companies, where you can get the best odds, payouts, and game options. Take a look at our favourite casinos and read through our reviews to find the best slots online.
|Casino||Number of Slot Games||RTP||Software||Bonus||Start Playing|
|150||97,19%||Yggradsil, Oryx Gaming, Evolution Gaming, Microgaming, Netent||₹30,000 Welcome Bonus + 20 Free Spins
T&C Apply
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|300+||96,89%||Evolution Gaming, Microgaming, Netent||₹30,000 Bonus + 20 Free Spins
T&C Apply
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|500||96,09%||NetEnt, Elk Studios, Red Tiger||100% Bonus, up to $200||Play NowRead Review|
|180||96,34%||Playtech||N/A||Play NowRead Review|
|1300||96,21%||1×2 Gaming, Authentic, Betdigital||100% Bonus, up to $100||Play NowRead Review|
|1250||96,09%||1×2 Gaming, Evolutions Gaming, NetEnt||₹100,000 Welcome bonus + 10 free spins
T&C Apply
|PlayRead Review|
|1000||95,62%||Evolution Gaming, Netent||₹30,000 Bonus & 30 Free Spins
T&C Apply
|Play NowRead Review|
|400||94,08%||NetEnt, Evolution Gaming||100% Bonus, up to ₹2500||Play NowRead Review|
|1000||95,62%||Evolution Gaming, Microgaming, Netent||₹30,000 Bonus & 20 Free Spins
T&C Apply
|Play Now Read Review|

The Key Benefits of Choosing a Slot Casino Online

Gone are the days when you had to exchange cash for coins, sit in an uncomfortable chair for lengthy periods of times, pull the lever, and then watch by as the reels spin before your eyes endlessly. Although exciting and highly lucrative for the lucky few, slots can often be tiring, and you can end up wasting quite a significant chunk of your valuable time.
Traditional brick and mortar casinos are designed to keep gamblers in, which can result in players losing their track of time. However, the most crucial aspect of playing slots offline is that you must visit a local gambling establishment to try out your luck, which in itself is impossible if you are trying to indulge in a quick game during your break, or if you are looking for excitement at a boring event.
Online casino slots make it easy for players to access their favourite games at any time of the day through a mobile platform, as most modern slot games are now made available for smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. Convenient banking options also allow players to deposit money instantly through any of the secure and reliable online payment methods, and the betting limits of real online casino slots are often similar to their land-based alternatives.
Since you are in control of the proceedings, you can determine your playing hours, your spending limits, and most importantly, you can stop a gaming session midway, and resume it at a later stage. The physical exertion is also way less, as you can spin the reels with just a tap on the screen, all the while seated comfortably in a chair or while lying down on your bed or sofa. Online slots have indeed transformed the betting industry for good, and the numbers indeed speak for themselves.

Point-By-Point Comparison of Online vs Land-based Slots

– Online games are available through a software interface, while traditional slots are only offered through a dedicated machine. Therefore, the choice and variety of games can be massive for online slots.
– Conventional slots require a massive level of physical exertion and can induce fatigue, but slots online give an opportunity to stretch your legs, take a break, and even gamble on the move.
– Banking options are easier for an online game, as you don’t have to replenish your coins or carry a lot of cash on your person, as you normally would in a regular casino. Online payments options available for web-based casinos include credit/debit card payments or e-wallet transactions, which are instant, secure, and reliable.
– Players can get bored with the recurring theme of a brick-and-mortar slot machine, but online slots are available in different themes, designs, and variations, in order to keep the gaming fresh and vibrant.
– You get exclusive and private access to a game through an online platform to ensure that you have a game available to you at any time, while you may have to wait in line for a popular game or find a vacant seat to try out your luck at a land-based gambling establishment.
– Online slots may offer attractive bonuses, free spins, and massive loyalty points, which can help you to play for longer.
– The stakes for an online game is varied and flexible, which would not be a possibility at your local casino. Therefore, you are free to wager any amount of money through an online slot game but subject to the wagering limits.
– Privacy of players are guaranteed in an online setting, as you would not have that many distractions, or feel that the casino employees are watching your every move. With the freedom to do your thing, you can freely enjoy the gaming experience.

Are the Results Fair?

In modern casinos, both online and land-based versions of slots are driven by algorithms, where the outcomes are generated by Random Number Generators. Unlike table games, slots are the only games in a casino where there is fundamentally no difference between an online and an offline version. Therefore, the results are entirely fair, and an independent agency audits the outcomes of all the games in a licensed online casinos. We also take the matter of licensing and regulation quite seriously, and we dive deep into a company’s security aspects before recommending them to our readers.

Slots Bonuses Galore – Take Advantage of Free Spins & Betting Credits

The best casino slots online offer an unbelievable number of bonuses, free spins, no-deposit offers, and betting credits, which can increase your bankroll exponentially and allow you to enjoy more turns. Companies often introduce promotional programs to attract new players, and even offer bonus offerings to their existing clients, especially in a bid to promote their latest products and motivate their clients to try their hand at slots.
In our many years of reviewing all kinds of services providers in the market, we have found that the bonuses offered by the best slots casinos online tend to surpass the offers provided by any other casino games combined. The following are some of the most common bonus programs offered for new and existing customers.

No-Deposit Free Spins

The free spin bonus is usually a demo account, which offers players a chance to enjoy a specified number of free spins before making a deposit. You must open a real money slots online account to be eligible for the free spins, and any winnings from the bonus may or may not be withdrawable, subject to the terms and conditions of a particular company.

Deposit Bonus

A deposit bonus is a standard promotional bonus, where the company will match a certain percentage of the deposit as free betting credits. The bonus on slots are usually offered in between 10% to 300% of the deposit amount, but some new operators may provide a higher percentage, especially for high rollers and VIP clients. The deposit bonus does have a turnover requirement that may require players to satisfy a few minimum wagering requirements, and the bonuses received on slots may not be used for any other games.

Free Spins as Deposit Bonuses

Free spins are offered alongside a regular bonus, but we wouldn’t be surprised if some operators skip over the free spins by offering a slightly higher deposit bonus. Nevertheless, the welcome spins are often higher than the regular free spins and can offer anywhere from 25 to 500 free spins, depending on the deposits. Of course, the winnings obtained from the free spins are also subjected to the minimum margin requirements, and players must finish the turnover volume to withdraw the winnings.

Variations of Slots Available for Online Gamblers

Slots basically involve spinning a set of reels, where each reel has around 10 to 20 symbols on them. Once the reels come to rest, a predetermined combination of symbols that appear on the reels, known as a payline, determines the payout for that particular combination. Not every combination ends up in a payout. Some paylines can offer a minimum payout, while the jackpot combination is considered as a ‘winner takes all’.
Slots can generally be classified according to the number of slots, the theme, and the rules of the game. Since online casino games are developed by software programs, developers are free to design any version that they desire, which can often result in a unique and exciting gaming environment. There is indeed a high form of resemblances between the online and land-based versions of the game, and we will try to provide you with information on the most common slots varieties that are available through a web-based casino.

Number of Reels

The most popular number of reels in a machine is three, but it is also possible for a slot to have five reels or seven reels, according to the game’s overall design. Companies may offer a higher number of reels if there is a requirement, where the number can go up to 12 reels per slot, but anything more than 7 is quite uncommon. 3-wheel, 5-wheel, and 7-wheel slots are also highly preferred by players, since it offers better payouts, lower stakes, and the games are easy to manage.

Progressive Jackpots

In progressive slots, also known as a progressive jackpot, each wager contributes to the overall jackpot value, which keeps on increasing with an increase in the number of players. Progressive slots may offer smaller payouts for certain paylines, but the jackpot amount keeps increasing until a player wins the jackpot. Once the jackpot is paid out, the amount is reset to its default setting, and the figure then starts to increase according to the subsequent stakes. A progressive jackpot can either be casino-specific or a system that is linked to global servers. A global slots machine will accumulate stakes from players from all over the world and can lead to a higher jackpot amount, which can result in a massive seven or eight-figure payout.

Fixed Jackpots

In a non-progressive game, the largest winning amount is the same for all players, irrespective of the number of players or the wagers that are accumulated by the slot. Non-progressive slots typically have a lower stake, and the payouts are also quite nominal. When compared to a progressive jackpot, non-progressive games have much lower winning amounts, but the frequency of winning is greater. The maximum jackpot for a non-progressive slot rarely exceeds the five-figure mark; yet, there are a few high-profile non-progressive slots that may provide a six-figure payday.


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Multiplier slots are offered alongside regular casino games and are provided as a means to increase your winnings from other games. For example, online casinos may add the option of a multiplier slot game in roulette, a blackjack, or a craps table, where players can wager their table winnings on the slots, to have a shot at the jackpot.

3D Slots

A 3D version of the game adopts an animated three-dimensional slots machine through the app, where a player gets a chance to enjoy an immersive gaming experience. The basic rules of the 3D version are the same as a conventional slots game, but it involves more graphics, advanced gameplay, and a storyline to create more excitement and involvement for the player.

Various Features and Themes

A themed slot game is simply a version that incorporates a popular theme, a storyline, a few characters, and some minor additions, which creates a sense of involvement for the player. Normally, a themed product follows a design from any movies, cartoons, animation, latest trends, or generally any avenue where the product can be marketed on the underlying popularity of the theme.

Slots Tournaments

Tournaments are a great way of competing with other players and climbing up a leaderboard, where the ultimate prize can be cash money, rewards, or other gifts. It also gives a sense of satisfaction to the player, knowing that he/she is doing well against other players, and stand a chance to earn more winnings in the process. Tournaments may only be offered by a select few casinos, and will usually include some terms and conditions.

Playing Slots Online on the Desktop & Mobile App

With the wide range of platform options available in the market, casinos are at liberty to offer a custom-tailored app for its clients. Most casinos have a mobile app and a desktop app for its players, each with its own specifications and gaming options. Nowadays, the graphics options are quite advanced, which allows the freedom for developers to incorporate more features into the games, thereby resulting in an outstanding gaming environment.
Slots are certainly the most profitable games in the line-up offered by a casino, and it does not take a lot of money to try a few spins. The game stake limits are also quite low, which means that you can start gambling with as low as $0.01. Despite the house edge, multiple betting options and different paylines make it easy for players to earn a substantial sum of money, and the jackpot on progressive slots can result in a massive payday. Read our casino reviews today to find a top online slots casino.