How to Find the Top Casino Sites for Online Roulette Gambling

How to Find the Top Casino Sites for Online Roulette Gambling
Roulette is often considered to be the epitome of online gambling, where luck, chance, and a bit of strategy can yield fortunes beyond measure. Over the years, millions of gamblers have tried their luck at the roulette table, with some players enjoying remarkable riches, while others have dwindled away into the oblivion. Roulette is one of the very few casino games, where the excitement of the unknown reaches a feverish pitch, which can often end in a climax that is exciting for both the player and the spectator.
Numerous online guides provide various information about the way the game is played. One can also find innumerable strategies, tips, other similar aspects of the game that is more suited to the beginner. However, in this guide, we are more concerned about reviewing the different roulette online casinos in the market and offer you the best option that suits your gambling preferences. We take a closer look at the various versions of the game, the different platforms, the access points, the security aspects, bonuses, and the pros & cons of online roulette over its land-based counterpart. Read through our comprehensive online Roulette Casino guide to find out more!

A Brief Explanation of the Game

Roulette is a pretty popular game among gamblers and even the general population, but for those who are not familiar with the concept, the game involves spinning a wheel in one direction and then spinning a ball on top of it in the other direction. A roulette wheel (it is derived from a French term that means ‘little wheel’) has several individual slots on them, where the slots are usually numbered from 0 to 36. Every alternative slot is coloured in red and black, except for the number 0, which is marked in green. Of course, there are different variations of the standard roulette, which we will cover in the following sections.
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Once the ball starts to experience a decline in its momentum, it gets deflected by several stops and barriers that are built into the wheel, which eventually forces the ball to land on a particular slot. The winner is the person who has successfully predicted the number, the colour, odd/even, or a specific group of numbers, as represented on the roulette table. There are different outcomes and payouts associated with each result, but the player loses his/her bet if he/she fails to make an accurate prediction of where the ball will land.

The Different Versions of Online Roulette

Ever since the game was conceived in France during the late 17th and early 18th centuries, the concept of a spinning wheel in a traditional roulette has remained the same. Nonetheless, changes in the mindset of players and the availability of modern technologies have indeed resulted in the game undergoing a few innovative changes in the last few decades. Today, online casinos have the freedom to develop any variation of the game by tweaking the algorithm and the rules, which can result in a unique gaming experience.
Online roulette is available in different forms, where casinos and developers work together to create traditional, as well as modern iterations that are enjoyed by millions. Given below are some of the most popular roulette online games offered by mainstream casino operators

European Roulette

European Roulette is often considered as the purest form of roulette, which has been carried over from its inception with minor modifications. The main feature of the European version of the game is that it contains only a single zero, and the wheel is housed at the top of the table. Most casinos have a European Roulette as a standard offering, owing to the game’s traditional and historical value in the gambling industry.

American Roulette

American Roulette is a slightly modified version of the European form, with the only difference being the addition of a double zero (00) to the standard set of numbers, alongside the regular zero (0). The addition of a double zero changes the house odds and the payouts and the game is quite popular in the USA. However, almost all online casinos offer the American version together with its European counterpart, with very negligible differences in the gameplay.

French Roulette

French Roulette is simply another name given to the European version, owing to the nature of the game’s origins. In some casinos, the French version may have a different layout, with the wheel at the centre and all the betting options divided on either side of the table. While this is not technically accurate, casinos have different house rules and game designs, which allow them to host personalised/distinctive variations of the game to offer a unique experience.

Multi-Wheel Roulette

The multi-wheel roulette is a standard table game that uses multiple spinning wheels to determine the outcome. There may be different house edges and rules for these versions, as the casino can either offer two wheels, or up to 10 different wheels, depending upon their payouts and game odds. Multi-wheel roulette can be more exciting and fun, but not that many casinos offer such a product in their online product portfolio.

Mini Roulette

A mini version of the game is offered with a smaller set of numbers and a smaller wheel. For instance, the numbers may be restricted from 0 to 18, and the betting options may also be lower than the regular roulette table. The payouts on the mini roulette can also be smaller than the regular game, but it can be more suited for players who are looking for such an option. Once again, the number of casinos that support this variation is massively low, as only a few companies support this product.

Spin of Fortune Roulette

Unlike a traditional roulette, the spin of fortune version uses the spinning wheel to point to different combinations of outcomes and doesn’t necessarily include numbers or the exact colour combinations of the original version. The spin of fortune may have different names in different casinos and can offer varying payouts, odds, and rules.

Themed Roulette

A themed table game is more common in online casinos, where companies develop unique versions that follow a popular theme to make it more exciting for the player. The payouts and odds in this category are almost similar to the original version.

Roulette Clubbed with Other Casino Games

Sometimes, web-based casinos may club the roulette table with other games in their portfolio, such as slots, which provides a chance to increase the winnings and enjoy a significantly higher payout. Although this may sound enticing for players, you must realise that players are required to wager a minimum volume on these games, and there may be several house rules that can increase the house edge. Always ensure that you understand the basic rules of a game before playing.

Online Roulette Casino Bonus & Free Money Gambling

Free betting credits or bonus money is always a good way of increasing your bankroll without taking any risk at the table. Games such as Roulette enjoy some incredible bonus programs, particularly since the game involves luck. Almost all online casinos are known to offer anywhere from 10% to up to 500% bonus on the deposit made by a player, which can significantly increase your exposure at the tables. You can play for longer, make riskier decisions, and even enjoy better payouts in the long run.
Companies may also provide a comp-based loyalty program, where each dollar wagered on Roulette contributes to the overall loyalty points. Once a player reaches a specified limit of points, he/she can redeem it for cash, gifts, free bets, or any other promotional programs. Even though our recommended online casinos for roulette offer wonderful bonus programs to their clients, we would still advise you to be wary of the associated minimum turnover requirements, as these conditions can freeze your account from making any withdrawal.
Bonuses always come with several terms and conditions, where casinos may ask its players to complete a minimum turnover volume. For example, if a casino sets a minimum of 10X minimum wagering requirement for its roulette bonus, it means that you must wager at least 10 times your deposit amount to be able to make a withdrawal. Turnover requirements can vary from game to game, but roulette is one of the better options in the market that easily contributes to a casino’s specific minimum bonus wagering requirement.

The Best Platform to Play Roulette Online

There are some fantastic gambling platforms on the market, and it can be daunting for players to find a good quality platform to play roulette online. There are usually two distinct platform options in the industry, namely, proprietary interfaces developed by casino operators, and third-party software powered by independent providers. Casino apps are also categorised according to the platform of access, such as an installable desktop software and a web-based browser interface.
Several mainstream companies adopt the third-party app option, as it is easy to integrate new games into the mix, all the while enabling companies to rely on the dependability of such apps. Proprietary applications are generally offered by a select few leading companies, which are designed in-house to suit the company’s overall theme. As for the choice between desktop and web browser-based gambling apps, it comes down to the casino operator. A majority of providers opt for a web-based app, while once again, desktop apps are generally preferred by a few leading online casino operators.
All platforms that are offered by our recommended service providers have excellent support for the Roulette game, which means that it is possible for players to enjoy almost all the popular versions that are available in the industry. The graphics options are also quite advanced, as new powerful devices have enabled providers the freedom to create a real-life experience through a virtual setting. However, the experience can vary between desktop and web browser interface, with each having its distinct advantages and drawbacks.

Betting on Roulette Using a Mobile Device

Mobile apps are the most common access point for a majority of players, as companies often have excellent apps that are developed for smartphones and tablets. In case a provider does not have a dedicated app for iOS or Android devices, they will usually provide an alternative in the form of a web-browser interface, which is compatible with both desktop and mobile web browsers. There are some obvious shortcomings in accessing roulette through a mobile device, particularly in the form of reduced screen space; however, with the passing of time, mobile apps have certainly become more flexible and intuitive. Modern mobile apps are now developed to accommodate different versions of roulette in a way that players prefer, which is undoubtedly a move in the right direction.

Live Casino Experience Through a Live Roulette Table

A live casino is another smart feature provided by online casinos, where it is now possible to bet on live roulette tables through live streaming. Casinos have live features embedded into their online software, which allow them to live stream tables to users through the casino app. The live tables are either hosted as a part of a traditional land-based casino or can be located in a studio or any other independent setting. Live tables are handled by actual dealers and are conceptually different from virtual casinos.
The results in an online platform are generated through a program, or an AI, while the real-life spin of the wheel generates the results in a live casino. Therefore, if you do not wish to test your luck against a computer program, or if you just prefer a live table with an actual human dealer interaction, a live casino can offer you the best experience. Furthermore, a live game allows you to avoid the hassles of visiting a land-based casino, along with the convenience of accessing your game at any place, whenever you feel like trying out your luck.

House Edge, Odds, & Payouts Offered by an Online Roulette Game

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In a conventional roulette game, the odds are represented by the number of combinations available in a wheel, and the payouts can range from 1:1 to 1:35. The 1:1 odd represents a 100% payout, where betting $1 on black/red/odd/even yields $1 for the winning outcome. Betting on any individual number, such as 0 or 15, yields up to $35 for a single $1 bet, while placing a wager on columns, or groups can yield up to a 300% payout. There are other combinations, such as choosing multiple numbers, betting on a particular group, and so on.
The house edge in the American version is 5.26% with a maximum odds of 46.37%, while the European version has a lower house edge of 2.59% with a maximum odds of 48.6%. Therefore, European roulette may be more preferred by players, owing to its higher chances of winning, but it ultimately depends on your preferences.

Pros & Cons of Playing Roulette Online

The advantages of online gambling far outweigh its drawbacks, but from a neutral perspective, we must cover all the pros and cons for our readers’ benefit. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of playing the game online.


– Available anywhere 24X7.
– Routinely updated according to the changes in software and programming.
– Ability to save time and money that results from visiting an actual land-based casino.
– Table limits are considerably lower, which increases the betting options for a smaller bankroll.
– Multiple betting options that offer amazing payouts.
– Casinos may introduce new themes and designs to keep the game interesting.
– Choice of hundreds of online casinos. Visit our most recommended casinos by clicking here.
– Availability of mobile apps for gambling on the move.
– Exclusive access to tables, without worrying about a crowd.
– Play at your convenience.


– Online apps may be prone to bugs, which can hinder an otherwise excellent gaming experience.
– Desktop apps may be more reliable, but browser apps are lighter and faster. Hence, making a choice can be difficult.
– Lack of human interaction.

How to Ensure a Secure Online Roulette Gaming Experience

We only recommend the best casinos that offer a secure, reliable, and convenient service, which is regulated and licensed by a renowned agency. Gaming online can be a joyous experience, especially if Roulette is one of your most preferred casino games. With several independent audits and high-quality Random Number Generator (RNG) AI working in the background, we can assure you that your money will be safe with our preferred online casino operators and that these companies will offer you the best bang for your buck.